Benefits of Our Window Tint Film

  • Look cool and keep cool in your vehicle while adding security.
  • Save money on home and office electric bills by blocking the heat from coming in through our windows.
  • Adds insulation to the glass which blocks cold air from the outside.
  • Reduce the sun’s glare in the daytime and headlight glare at night.
  • Fight skin cancer with window tints 99.9% UVB/UVA protection.
  • Prevent fading of your expensive inventory and furnishings.
  • Detour burglars from breaking in through a window.
  • Increase cleanliness around windows.
  • Enjoy the view of the outside without blocking the view with blinds, curtains and screens.
  • Add privacy from spying vandals.
  • Clear window tint on store fronts prevents fading, blocks heat, reduces glare and blocks burglars.

Protect your Property with Security Film

Smash and Grab has become all too common. This is done very quickly, unless you start now to protect against it. Security film holds glass in place so thieves can not break in through a window.


Save up to 30% on your Electric Bills in the winter and summer.

The biggest savings from home window tint film and office window tint film is the amount of money you will save on electric bills. Whether in the heat of summer or cold of winter, energy efficient window films do a fantastic job of reducing the amount of time your air conditioner or heating furnace runs.

99.9% UVB and UVA Protection

You do not think much of the effects of the sun glaring through clear panes of glass until you notice the fading of inventory, signs, flooring and furniture that you spent a lot of money for. Window tint has 99.9% UVB and UVA protection to help protect your interior investments. The UVB and UVA rays produced by the sunlight can have a profound effect on your electronics like computer screens, LED screens, inventory and furniture. Over a period of time, electronics will burn out and furnishings will fade.

Fight Skin Cancer with 99.9% UVB/UVA Protection

Most people don’t thing about the benefits UVB/UVA protection of window tint on your skin. Over exposure to ultra violet rays from the sun, whether it is in the winter or summer, can reek havoc on the delicate skin of yourself and your family. Protect yourself and your family in your vehicles and in your home with window tint. All shades of window tint, even clear, offers this protection.

Window tinting can be one of the best investments you could make for your vehicle, business and home. 

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